How do you think about a performance sock?

How do you think about a performance sock?

The art of a perfect sock : Ranna


If you already own one or more pairs of RANNA socks, you know that special feeling. You know that there is a lot of work involved and that such a product does not leave the factory at the snap of a finger.

However, if you don't know RANNA, you'll miss out on something for your favorite sport, but you'll also discover the art of creating a sock designed for comfort and performance.

RANNA explains how a sock is made and how it is designed to help you on the field. For square feet, we are still working on a solution. So far, so good!

Why doesn't RANNA have the same principles as other brands?

When you love sports like we do, you want to put the quality of a product first. Because above all, it is what makes the difference and not something else.

Add to that the idea of a sock that doesn't travel around the world before arriving on your feet, of a sock thought for everyone but developed as if you were the best player in the world and above all of a sock of great quality and not only promoted in TV commercials.

Developed with those who know the needs

You know this if you know RANNA. Sportsmen and women can give us cards to think about our products. Based on this simple observation, we approached professional footballers, but also rugby players, handball players, basketball players, volleyball players, tennists, runners, trailers, and even golfers. Men and women at the top. By the way, if you want to participate in the next sessions yourself, don't hesitate to write to us at

The specifications must be derived from the practice, only the reality of the field counts and it is embodied by the athletes. At RANNA, we take it seriously... "

The Formula 1 of socks

We don't have a wind tunnel but we pamper our socks like F1 engineers. We make prototypes, we spend long hours on micro details and sometimes we go backwards always with the same objective: performance and comfort.

Then our professional athletes test them and give us their first feedback. And your big chance is that, unlike a Formula 1, you can benefit from these products afterwards and therefore, from the advice of champion players.

Is it really made in France?

Even better, our socks are knitted on two different sites, the first one is less than 50 kilometers from our Alsatian premises, the second one in Aube, still in the Grand-Est.

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