Football: how to get back on top physically after the break?

Football: how to get back on top physically after the break?

Soccer: how to be at your best physically?

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Do you often wonder how to get past that plateau, how to stop taking a broth every weekend?

No matter what your level, soccer is a demanding sport. At RANNA, we are used to working with a variety of outstanding players, including professionals.

Thanks to our different experiences with them, we are able to guide you and give you some advice to put in place to be at the top physically, because it is the sinews of war.
At the table or in training, follow our advice to achieve concrete results in the coming weeks. With this, I promise, you can say goodbye to the bench!

Healthy living is not just in the books

Hygiene changes the physical and moral condition of a player; it is not a legend.
Take care of yourself with a good night's sleep and eat a healthy and varied diet. Obviously, alcohol and tobacco are to be avoided.

The change comes quickly when you understand the importance of the details. Of course, there is still a long way to go until you get to the hooks of Messi, but you will certainly feel better on the pitch with this new routine.

In addition to these tips, we can of course add a good warm-up before each training session and each match. Too often, in the amateur world, this essential element is overlooked and we forget how important it is to build up strength. It is necessary to go crescendo!

If you are a substitute again, all the more reason to make sure you are ready before coming back by intensifying the warm-up during the beginning of the game. You will be ready physically but also mentally because a good warm-up can maximize your self-confidence.
Then, it's up to you to show your coach that he should start you in the next game!

Use the breaks to prepare your recovery

Be ready early, anticipate the season physically. IT'S TIME!

Soccer requires sometimes violent efforts but above all a very good endurance. Get a head start on your opponent, prepare yourself as accurately as possible for the real conditions that await you.
It is physically that the best players make the difference.

Before the pre-season or during the winter break, prepare targeted exercises on your side. There are very experienced coaches online and they can even advise you personally, like Antoine from Natural Evolution. E.g.: running, interval or split training, with a gym mat, upper body (shoulders, arms, abs, pectorals and back) and lower body (glutes, adductors, quadriceps and hamstrings) training.

Start by densifying several strategic areas of your body that are often put under strain and anticipate the recovery physically and mentally. Use this motivation to perform solo first (When you understand that personal work plays a fundamental role in performance, you can often increase your motivation tenfold...)

Think about your body

Now that you've taken into account the detrimental effects of pre-game fast food and the one annual jog you're pinning your hopes on, it's time to build some consistency in your efforts. This can be done in various stages.

If you are a fan of other sports or plan to do some strength training with your friends, don't hesitate to include specific stretching and strengthening sessions in your schedule. Your worst enemy a.k.a. weight training, is also one of the most complete exercises to mobilize your performance tools (abs, shoulders, buttocks, thighs, etc.). So, even if the workload and personal involvement seem impressive, keep in mind that this is surely the most beneficial cycle for your body in the long term.

Don't hesitate to visit a physiotherapist or an osteopath in case of minor or recurring problems. Preparing yourself during the breaks is the best way to get back on the right foot.

Finally, to complete your preparation ideally, equip yourself with the best products to avoid injuries.

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