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Mid-calf football socks: what to choose?

Amadou Haïdara - RB Leipzig

Focus on training and matches as Amadou Haïdara - credit: RB Leipzig


Buy such and such a jersey, such and such a brand of shorts and such and such cleats for training, perhaps others for matches? Screw-in or moulded ones? Many questions about equipment for a footballer. However, some people tend to forget what we consider to be the most important piece of equipment for football: socks.

More than ever worn at mid-calf height, football socks have become for the most part the same for training and matches. This implacable logic has popularised the desire to wear only mid-calf football socks on the market and in the feet of footballers around the world.

Why? For technical, comfort and performance reasons, with a versatility that you can only find with Ranna products. We explain how to choose your mid-calf socks and why you should make certain choices.

Why take the advice of professionals?

Alexandre Adler - The question may seem slightly rhetorical, as the answers may seem obvious to you. In any field, industry professionals are in a better position than anyone else to give their opinion, especially on equipment.

So what do professional football players say about what mid-calf socks to wear? As mentioned above, most of them wear mid-calf socks, over which they have developed the habit of wearing what you might call gaiters or sleeves to hold the shin guards.

Many professional football players trust Ranna and our flagship football performance sock, the R-ONE Grip 2.0.
They all praise the technicality, performance and comfort of a product designed for footballers of all levels. In this case, it's hard to argue with a striker like Olivier Giroud, French champion, winner of the Champions League and of course, World Champion!

And what about other players like Moussa Sissoko, who is particularly used to big changes of direction and fast running, and who also uses R-ONE Grip 2.0.
So many reasons why you should trust Ranna with your future mid-calf socks. Professionals shoot more than anyone else, run constantly in training and in matches, and spend countless hours wearing socks and cleats every day .

Is it necessary to choose high quality socks?

AA - Sometimes it can be a question of budget. But one thing is for sure, comfort and performance can be achieved with products that have been designed after a lot of hard work and equally thoughtful and controlled manufacturing.

By choosing products like Ranna's R-ONE 2.0, you'll enjoy comfort like you've never experienced before in your football boots. With these mid-calf football socks, you get rare comfort and unimpaired performance at a more than reasonable price compared to other so-called "technical" socks on the market.

Why is that? Ranna products are designed to keep your foot and ankle in the heart of your shoe with the greatest possible comfort. The ventilation of the product removes all moisture, the same wound that is often responsible for blisters after many minutes of running or training behind the ball.

The fit of the fabric strips on the different mid-calf socks is also very important in your choice. They will ensure that your ankle doesn't spread too much in case of twisting or heavy weight bearing.

But beware, some brands tend to simply tighten the seams to give a vulgar impression of support that is anything but good for the blood circulation. With Ranna products, you can be sure of getting shoes with good support, not least because the high-performance socks are knitted with 156 needles, no less.

Is it important to select left and right socks?

AA - The first thing that is obvious when you look at your feet is that they don't have the same shape, it's quite logical. Then the answer to the question becomes obvious: yes, it is essential. Always for comfort and performance.

The points of friction and support are not the same on the right and left feet, so you need to select socks that take into account the ergonomics of both feet.

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