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What is a technical sports sock?

Ranna the performance sock ″Made in France″

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When it comes to selling products for sportsmen and women, it is common to find a whole host of expressions or phrases extolling the particular merits of the product in question. This can be confusing for the sportsman himself, who may not know what to do with it.
At Ranna, we have some idea of what is really behind these terms, especially the term "technical". Do you really know what a technical sock is?
A technical sock for sportsmen is a sock that has been imagined, thought out, designed, manufactured, established and so on, with the sole aim of providing optimal support for sportsmen and women, whatever their level or their quest for performance and comfort. Explanations.

Is a technical sock made like a traditional sock?

Alexandre Adler - As you can imagine, a technical football sock is nothing like the more classic ones you can find on the market.

For the simple reason that a number of much more important factors are taken into account during the manufacturing process. For example, the Ranna R-ONE Grip 2.0 sock is knitted with 156 needles at the same time. This allows the sock to offer maximum comfort that is unimaginable in more traditional models with extremely fine stitches that are undetectable to the naked eye.

Then there is the importance of the materials used. Generally, synthetic microfibres allow the sock and the foot to be optimally ventilated and dry so that the athlete does not feel any moisture in the shoe.

You know better than anyone, this feeling is the ultimate enemy of the athlete, as is the feeling of the sock moving around the toes.

Once again, Ranna automatically remodels this entire area in the construction of its technical socks to provide extra comfort for the athlete. That's what technical socks are all about.

Why does a technical sports sock help the athlete?

A.A - The role of a sock can exceed that of a simple garment for sportsmen and women. When one tries on and adopts a technical sock for one's favourite sport, one can quickly gain confidence, especially in terms of movement.

Better support, a stable foot or permanent comfort that helps the athlete to focus solely on performance are all factors that contribute to an infallible verdict: a technical sock can help the athlete reach a new level.

With numerous technologies on board and designed for the sportsman, a technical sock becomes a major ally in the comfort and performance quest.

R-ONE Grip 2.0

R-ONE Grip 2.0 performance model

R-ONE 2.0

R-ONE 2.0 performance model

Is it true that you get injured less with a technical football sock?

A.A - In a large number of sports, notably football, there is a tendency to detect recurrent injuries due to poor equipment. This is very true in all sports where there is a lot of pressure on the lower limbs and a lot of support for the foot or ankle.

With technical socks, you can see the difference in the short and long term, especially with regard to possible sprains. You know, those famous sprains that all footballers, handball players, tennis players and so many other sportsmen and women have inevitably experienced at some point, including you perhaps.

Depending on the technicality of the sock you buy, you will find tools and a design thought for the good support of your ankle and your foot. These are technical details that may seem insignificant at first glance, but in fact they are...

For example, a grip under the foot will prevent the foot from moving too much, just as a reinforcement and a support band around the malleolus, the sensitive axis between the ankle and the foot, will undoubtedly help the athlete prevent certain injuries.

A technical football sock will not always prevent certain unpleasant surprises from occurring, but it will certainly help to minimize many of them.

What does a technical sock really do?

A.A - In the world of sport and related equipment, there are always two words that come up in the mouths of the players. Performance and comfort. Closely linked, these two words are often there to find a compromise, as most sportsmen and women have got into the habit of thinking that a performance sock would not necessarily be the most comfortable.

This is not the case, especially when you look at a sock like the R-ONE 2.0. With comfort that exceeds all expectations and performance that is just as important, this is the kind of sock you expect when you talk about a technical sock.

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