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Ranna: sportswear made in France

Ranna: sportswear made in France

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Innovation is almost always synonymous with the flagship of an industry or branch. Imagining a product that does not exist, designing it and then conceiving it becomes a real pride.
The icing on the cake is when the innovative product is manufactured locally.
Ranna manufactures its products in France, the recipe: innovation, research into performance and listening to sportsmen and women.

Research, development and innovation for a first in France

The demands of sportsmen and women are high, whether they are amateurs or professionals. And when it comes to helping them achieve their goals, performance and comfort are the two expectations that must be met at all costs .

After months of research and the production of several prototypes between 2017 and 2018, the Alsatian start-up released its first flagship model during the 2018 World Cup, the R-ONE Grip sock, instantly becoming the first anti-slip performance sock 100% made in France.

Always listening to the athletes

To design its sports underwear models for sportsmen and women of all levels, ages and sexes, Ranna first took care to listen to the needs of footballers.
The challenge that Steven, Alexandre and Cédric, the founders of the brand, set themselves was to deal with the socks on the market that are too thin or too thick, those that don't stay in place, that keep coming down or that rub to the point of creating blisters.

"The pride of making products 100% made in France must not in any way alter the innovation and work around the search for comfort and performance.

A team of experts?

Avec une expertise portée sur les chaussettes de sport et particulièrement de football, Ranna dispose d’une équipe de spécialistes.

Les actionnaires Cédric Kanté, Pierre Bouby et Cédric Bakambu (Olympique de Marseille) apportent leur regard d’expert au niveau du football. Florent Wieczorek, également au capital, évolue de son côté en tant qu’entraineur à l’US Montauban. Antoine Meme, plus connu sous le nom de Natural Evolution, est un coach sportif d’exception specialisé dans le football, et un de nos partenaires de longue date. Enfin Quentin Rivoire et Nicolas Perfetti, tous deux leaders de leur communauté respective Herbalife Nutrition, sont de véritables relais au niveau hygiène de vie, training et perte de poids. À l’affut de toutes les tendances dans le sport et dans le textile, ils veillent quotidiennement et sont à l’écoute de chaque opportunité.

Where are Ranna products made?

Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer manufacturers in France. However, the large textile family shares social values with Ranna, a considerable advantage in the design of its products and in particular, its socks.

To knit its socks, the brand trusts local know-how, since its main supplier is located less than 50 kilometres from the brand's Strasbourg premises!

Is it true that the R-ONE Grip is finished at Ranna's premises?

Absolutely. The pride of the brand and a product of local innovation, Ranna finalizes the production from its premises. The magic touch: The Grip under the socks is applied by hand. Footballers and other sportsmen benefit from a (real) product 100% made in France, we are almost on the craft.

Are innovation and sustainable development compatible?

Ranna proves it with a permanent innovation and a very short production circuit, between production, knitting and even packaging. The socks are packed in their own packaging (made of recycled cardboard) less than 15 kilometres from the company's headquarters. Efficient and sustainable!

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