Ranna: non-slip, performance football socks


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To re-establish the proximity between the equipment manufacturer and the athlete is for us to get closer to the essential: passion & performance.

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Designed for Performance

R-ONE Grip 2.0

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  • Ultra-thin polyurethane pads heat-bonded to the most stressed areas of the foot.
  • New: Adjustment of the grip from the end of the distal phalanx to the achilles tendon promotes force transfer and explosiveness on changes of support
  • The grip of the sock in the shoe limits friction and minimises the risk of blisters.

Ankle support

  • Knitted ankle reinforcement with extra thickness for a strong hold when changing direction.
  • High-density compression structure on the ankle braces for a strapping effect and reduced risk of twisting


  • Knitted foot length for maximum comfort zone.
  • New: Enlarged heel area for added structure strength.
  • The leg is fitted to the lower part of the toe flexor and extensor muscles for a targeted compression effect that adds tone to your stride.
  • Widened and elasticated cuff for an ideal fit and a sock that won't fall off.

Arch of the foot

  • Elastane instep band supporting the cuneiform bones to the lateral plantar fascia for a dynamic foot hold.

Right foot - Left foot

  • Anatomical right/left foot cut for a specific fit without excess material.

Moisture Management

  • Hollow synthetic microfibre structure for optimal ventilation and drying.

Designed for Performance

R-ONE Grip 2.0

R-ONE Grip 2.0 : Anti-slip football socks

They testify


"Big favorite, the grip really makes a difference."

Olivier GIROUD

"I really loved the R-ONE Grip. I could feel the difference directly on the field."

Loïc B.

"Very good product. On top of that, they are careful with the planet."

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